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The trend of using environmentally friendly materials in construction and industry

19/10/2015 15:42

Environmentally friendly materials (Eco-friendly building materials) are materials that influence or impact on the environment and human health is less than other materials with similar performance.

To evaluate a product or material if it meets environmentally friendly criteria or not, we need to consider the following issues:
- The energy is used to produce, transport and use of products
- Types of material composition and origin of raw materials for the production of products
- Waste and emissions during production
- Level and hazardous substances in the finished product
Therefore, most countries in the world, especially the developed countries are encouraging the use of environmentally friendly materials - green materials, and it is becoming inevitable trend not only in the world  but also in Vietnam.
Currently, we have opportunity to choose environmentally friendly materials in construction of industrial and consumer works, instead of using the conventional materials.
Industrial paints production in general and – epoxy coating in particular in Vietnam is not an exception to that inevitable trend.
There are so many types of Epoxy paints.  But in terms of material origin, there are two main kinds are water-based and solvent-based epoxy coatings. However, harm or risk of fire and explosion of solvent, which affects the environment and human health ... has been mentioned in many documents and books. Therefore, water-based epoxy is preferred and recommended for use to solvent based epoxy thanks to satisfies environmentally friendly criteria.
However, most of epoxy paints in Vietnam market  are solvent-based paints, thanks to meet aesthetic requirements are glossy surface, while water-based products is limited glossy.
As a multinational corporation with its facilities in Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia and Vietnam, specializes in producing waterproof materials and concrete protection specialties, KRETOP is currently the pioneer in researching, developing new environmentally friendly materials.
Besides conventional solvent based epoxy, KRETOP particularly preferred invest and vigorously develop water-based epoxy coating products together in according to inevitable trend of using green materials. Typically self-leveling epoxy topping, previously we only had solvent-based one, but now Kretop have water-based self-leveling epoxy coating - KRETOP EPW 500SL ...
Simultaneously, KRETOP also invested and developed products with zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds) or low VOC, such as liquid hardener for concrete floors KRETOP LH 300 ...
In that effort, KRETOP are becoming the leader in industrial coatings in environmentally friendly materials production technology  (green materials) which is used by prestige brands in Vietnam such as Tan Hoang Minh, Suntory PepsiCo, Ford Vietnam, Acecook, Kinh Do ....
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