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Industrial coatings and special building materials of KRETOP are highly specific characteristics such as chemical resistance, temperature and impact resistance, ... .. Although there are a few products that customers can purchase and do the application by themselves, however most of industrial floor coatings, the customer can hardly constructed as requiring use of machinery, specialized equipment, technology and experience construction…

So in order to ensure the quality of finishing works and meet protection requirements for the floor workshop of our client, KRETOP have to strictly train and guide on the process and construction techniques for applicators, and carefully select the applicators who are qualified enough for capacity, experience and equipments.. to represented as Kretop’s official applicator of specially industrial coatings in Vietnam.

With a network of applicators from North - Central - South of Vietnam with years of experience in constructing of epoxy floor coatings, equipped with a full system of dedicated machines, has accompanied KRETOP throughout the years with a lot of works and major projects such as Ford Vietnam, Nghi Son Refinery and Petrochemical, Acecook Vietnam .... 

Our Clients

Asia Food
Truong Hai
Kinh Do
C.P Group
Foster Factory
Ha Tay Pharma
Tan Hiep Phat
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